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About Us

Greetings and Salutations, 

We are Junkyard Bones, an artisan smoked dog chew producer out of Seattle; you may be familiar with our products. This is a fresh, guaranteed product that makes a real happy pet. They would tell you - never trust a bone you cannot smell!  In our tests 99% of dogs preferred our bone over 10 other competitors.

We began in 1989 when company founders Dave Lyons and Robert Hancock wanted a chew thing to pacify their American Staffordshire Terriers. Without a perfect solution they sought to create one.  A Chef by trade, Rob began smoking in West Seattle doing around 20-30 pounds a week; this soon grew to friends and eventually local pet stores recognizing the outstanding product. Now established as the preeminent dog bone, our capacities reach over 5000 pounds weekly while upholding our pledge to the finest quality.

Our customers return to us because:

  • We are Local.
  • We use sustainable, locally harvested products.
  • We smoke to order so freshness is guaranteed.
  • We care about your animal! We would never sell a product our Canine Culinary QA team would not eat themselves!
  • All bones are hand selected for Quality and hand cut for Consistency.
  • Our business is focused to be green: reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • We are proud to support the Seattle Humane Society and other local pet sanctuaries.

Our smoking process cures the bones so no splinters! Junkyard Bones break down into bone meal for easy digestion. All of our products are all natural with no added hormones or antibiotics, no artificial colors, no preservatives- no artificial ingredients of any kind. They can be sold as treats, rewards, or pacifiers, and in fact we have one Bull Mastiff who literally uses the same bone for months keeping her teeth clean.

We would be delighted to earn your business.

The Junkyard Squad



Fashioned from the age-old English smoking techniques used to pacify the Pit Bulls of Staffordshire, the idea of sharing the same legendary bone that their grand-dogs savored provides an unmatched excitement and desire to return.  This proprietary technique is carefully accomplished through painstaking effort and an uncompromised commitment to the history of our brand.  The dogs deserve it!